Gender Equality

  • HI-TRAIN Gender Equality Mandate
  • Gender Equality Initiatives
  • Gender empowerment Social Media platform (Facebook, twitter)
  • Gender-related Events

buy Lyrica steroids Gender mainstreaming activities within HI-TRAIN will include:

  • Institution of policies against sexual harassment including required training on gender equality and sexual harassment in collaboration with IGERD, DWGS and the university departments.
  • Specific retention strategies for women including compensation for maternity leave for those receiving scholarships and fellowships
  • Constituting HI-TRAIN mentoring to address women issues as related to IT, work settings issues, and employment
  • Targeted marketing & recruitment of female students to ensure over 50% female representation in Masters & PhD programs.
  • Commitment to dedicate most of PhD HI-TRAIN scholarships (>70%) to female candidates.
  • Conducting biannual seminars specifically addressing issues relevant to the women in or interested in the program
  • Constituting networking sessions for female HI-TRAIN members.