PhD in Health Informatics

PhD in Health Informatics

priligy order in india This is a full-time three year PhD fellowship that will initially be tenable under the sandwich mode at the University of Bergen (Norway) and Moi University. The recipients of the PhD fellowship will spend a total of one (1) year at the University of Bergen (UiB) during the fellowship. UiB will be the PhD granting institution.


you could look here The PhD fellowship will provide scholarship and stipend for the duration spent in Norway and at Moi University or Makerere University. The fellowship will also provide support for regional/international conferences, field study, printing of thesis, publications and travel to Norway. A minimal allowance will be given to female students under the gender mainstreaming initiative.

Admission Requirements

web link In the initial phase, the applicant must qualify for admission to the University of Bergen PhD Programme in the respective disciplines. The list of requirements is as follows:

  1. The candidate must hold a master’s degree in a relevant field and document competence in areas relevant to the position, including research and teaching experience.
  2. Applicants must document their English proficiency.
  3. Short-listed applicants will be invited for interviews.
  4. With the applicant’s permission, UiB and MU will also conduct a reference check before appointment.
  5. Applicants must be current academic staff of Moi University or Makerere University. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply for the fellowship, irrespective of cultural background, gender, age or disability.
  6. Women are especially encouraged to apply.
  7. Candidates must formally agree, through a contractual obligation, to serve as faculty in Health Informatics in the respective University after graduation.


Applicants should submit their application and CV to the School of Medicine, Moi University/Makerere University, attention to the Dean, School of Medicine. The following documentation should be submitted as attachments to the application:

• Certificates and/or grades for all post-secondary education, up to and including the bachelor’s level;

• Master’s degree/higher degree certificate, with a summary of the courses/subjects included in the degree;

• Applicants with a foreign higher education must attach an official description of the grading system used at the issuing institution;

• A concept note in the Health and Informatics disciplines. The Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, has research in the following 6 areas: Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Optimizations, Program Development Theory, Reliable Communication, Visualization. (Click Research on this page for more information). Candidates can also apply to work closely with UiB’s Center for International Health. Concept notes should highlight the area of research that the candidate intends to focus on for their doctoral studies. Examples of potential areas of research interest include:

• Impact of computerized decision support on care

• Evaluating eLearning for provider training

• Evaluating optimal security systems for eHealth

• Optimizing enterprise architectures for health

• Studies on ethico-legal implications of eHealth

• Workflow and system re-engineering with eHealth

• Ideally the candidate should indicate how health-related issues proposed, can be investigated by applying research in one or more of the areas in Informatics. The concept note should NOT exceed 5 pages including the bibliography.

• Two recommendations describing the applicant’s ability to undertake research and experience in health and/or informatics.

The applicant is fully responsible for submitting a complete set of documentation as listed above to facilitate the selection process.


  • Introduction to Health Care and Health Systems  OR  Introduction to Information Technology
  • Principles of Public Health  OR   Information System Development
  • Foundations of Health Informatics
  • Research Methods
  • Health Information Systems
  • Health Informatics Standards & Terminology
  • Introduction to Biostatistics
  • Scientific and Technical Writing (Grant, Proposals & Manuscripts in HI)
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems, Ontologies and workflow in Health
  • Enterprise Architecture for Health Info. Systems
  • Law, Ethics, Equity, Policy and Governance
  • Elective I
  • Elective II
  • Health Informatics Practicum
  • Thesis/Dissertation
  • Thesis


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