HI-TRAIN Program

HI-TRAIN: Health Informatics Training and Research in East Africa for Improved Health Care is program funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) as part of the NORHED program.

This capacity-building project has the following Specific Aims:

  • Provide post-graduate (Masters and PhD) level training in Health Informatics and research for the LMIC partners.
  • Increase number of women and marginalized populations in faculty-level training in Health Informatics and research at the LMIC higher education institutions.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of Health Informatics research conducted primarily by researchers based in the LMIC countries in collaboration with our Northern partners.
  • Provide model curricula, educational programs and approaches for faculty-level health informatics training that can be emulated by regional higher education institutions.


HI-TRAIN Partners

The HI-TRAIN program is a collaborative effort between Moi University in Kenya (Agreement Institution); Makerere University in Uganda and University of Bergen in Norway.

HI-TRAIN extends existing collaborations between the core partners, while at the same time merging two strong networks that have complementary health informatics and capacity building expertise to help meet regional capacity building needs in the relatively new field of Health Informatics.


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