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Communications for Affiliates

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Affiliate Messaging Resources

Find content we developed for our organization and which we adapted for your use.

Marketing Resources

Articles and Other Resources

When the Call Comes, Will Your Congregation Be Ready?

Best practices in responding to congregational inquiries.

Webinar: Introduction to PR and Media Relations

In this webinar, we discuss “newsworthy” stories and how you can actively pitch an interesting story about your congregation to…

Key Tips For Talking With News Professionals: A Resource for Community Leaders

Positive media coverage can amplify your voice, inform the public about key issues and build further credibility for your community.…


Regular News of the Movement by Email: Twice a month—once for congregational leaders (Reconstructionist Leadership Brief) and once for our entire mailing list (Reconstructing Judaism Today)—we send an email featuring stories about Reconstructionist Judaism, our affiliated communities, the leaders of our movement, and links to information and resources of interest. If you would like to receive these emails or arrange for the members of your congregation to receive them, please contact us at Shalom@ReconstructingJudaism.org. You can browse an archive of back newsletter issues here.


Our listservs provide a space for congregational staff and lay leadership to connect with one another, ask questions and collaborate to find solutions to issues facing their communities.

Each listserv is open to several congregational roles, including presidents and board leadership, executive directors and administrators, educators and education directions, and social justice chairs.

If you would like to join a listserv, please reach out to JWeinberg@ReconstructingJudaism.org.

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